Presenting Remotely from the iPhone or Smart Devices

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I always want to find a way to present a Powerpoint or Prezi from my iPhone without paying anything. Like, how to present Prezi from iPhone for free. 

Option 1: if you only need to present remotely, just use a remote control.

Option 2: don't have remote control, don't worry. You can always turn a wireless mouse to control the presentation from far away. The problem is it will be fine if you control a Powerpoint remotely with a wireless mouse.

However, you can only control a Prezi presentation with a left or right arrow on your keyboard. So, the solution is to add left and right function to your mouse. You can do that by using this special software called X-Mouse Control. By using this app, you can always turn your middle wheel on your mouse to left and right, or left click and right click to left and right arrow - just for short time, so you can control your Prezi remotely. 

Option 3: don't want to use a remote mouse? Fine! Let's use your iPhone or a smart device to a remote control. Kool?

What you need?

- Computer (which will connect to projector) and iPhone with Internet. 
- Teamviewer

Get it? Use your iPhone to control your computer by using Teamviewer! From the moment you connect to the computer with your phone. You can control anything. You can start to present a Powerpoint presentation or a Prezi presentation with your iPhone. However, be careful with the internet connection.  
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