Manually Edit Boot Menu on Ubuntu (Grub2)

4:30:00 AM |
Today, I'll give you an example how to manually edit your boot menu on Ubuntu. The image below is my currently boot list. It's a mess! So, I decided to delete some useless ones. 
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How To Change Boot Order on Ubuntu (Grub2)

3:05:00 AM |
Changing boot order and time default on Ubuntu is not hard as you thought. The first thing to do is check the order of boot menu in "/boot/grub/grub.cfg". They start from "0" value, so just memorize the position. The next thing to do is adjust file "/etc/default/grub" file.
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Using VNC with Terminal Server Client on Ubuntu

4:55:00 AM |
Terminal Server Client is already integrated in Ubuntu. However, the VNC function is gray-out. So you need to install manually.
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How To Schedule Windows Server 2003/2008 Shutdown or Restart Automatically

2:27:00 AM |
This guide will help you to create a Task Schedule to Shutdown or Restart Windows Server Automatically. First, you have to download PSshutdown from Microsoft. Then create a Task Schedule:
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How To Disable Password Complexity on Active Directory (Windows Server 2008)

5:35:00 AM |
Turning of this function is not as easy as Windows Server 2003. I'll brief to guide you have to conduct in no time.
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How To Set IP Address on Ubuntu

10:05:00 PM |
The first method is very simple. Just use command line:

sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up

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How To Expand/Resize Hard Disk on VirtualBox or Linux

4:11:00 AM |
When trying Zimbra on CentOS, I got a problem that it requires at least 5GB on my hard disk. Instead of reinstall my Virtual Machine, I decided to expand my current hard disk. First, I plan to use Gparted Live CD to extend. However, Gparted is just useful for Windows or some Linux version that didn't use LVM. And the lastest one does not support LVM yet! So, I have to expand my hard disk by hand on CentOS.
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Fixed "Probling EDD (end = off to disable)" Error When Install RHEL 6.0 on VirtualBox

12:35:00 AM |
I got a strange error when trying install RHEL 6.0 on my VirtualBox: "Probling EDD (end = off to disable)". Although the default Memory is set to 512MB. The problem got fixed when I change the memory to 384MB or just change the....size of installation Windows. Not sure it's a kernel or Memory or...size problem. Hope this help!
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Simple Method To Create ISO Image From CD/DVD on Linux

9:54:00 PM |
This is a simple guide to help you create ISO image with some short commands in no time!
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How To Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.0

1:54:00 PM |
This post guides you how to basically install RHEL 6.0. You can set 384M RAM. However, it's better if you choose 512M. 
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Manage Virtual Machines on VMware ESXi 4.1 with vCLI

1:07:00 AM |
Although it's hard for Linux Users to manage VMs on VMware Esxi, there're still some convenient tools for control it more easily.
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Install VMware vSphere Client 4.1 CLI on Linux (Ubuntu 10.4)

12:04:00 AM |
It is so sad that the graphic management VMware ESXi is not support Linux OS so today I will write about how to use vCLI on Linux.
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Failed to Use VMware vSphere Client 4.1 on Linux

3:21:00 AM |
After trying to install VMware vSphere Client 4.1 on Ubuntu 10.4, the final result is the same with I expected.

When I start to install using Wine, VMware require .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 for using. So, I continue to install .Net 3.5 through winetricks (you can reference here).
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Install Winetricks and .Net Framework 3.5 on Linux

4:27:00 AM |
1- Winetricks is a application which help to install library or part for Wine. The process to install is quite simple:
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Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 10.4

2:34:00 AM |

The process of installing VirtualBox on Ubuntu is pretty easy.
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