All My Android Projects (Eclipse Juno)

1:03:00 PM |
This post contains all my android projects. I'll update them every times I make a new one from the most simple to complex. The project will be compressed for convenience.
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Fix "Debug Certificate Expired" error on Eclipse

3:47:00 AM |
This is how I solved my problems when working with Android plugin in Eclipse. Just go to %USERPROFILE%/.android (Windows) and delete debug.keystore file.
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Create a New Adroid Project (Eclipse)

3:11:00 AM |
In previous post, I showed you how to install Eclipse and Adroid SDK. Now you can create a new project to start your exploration.
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How To Install Android SDK and Eclipse (Windows 7)

2:56:00 AM |
This article will guide you to integrate Android SDK into Eclipse for your programming. The first thing to do is install Eclipse into your machine. I won't tell about the installation because it's very simple. Choose your suitable version of Eclipse here. After Eclipse is installed into your machine, let's start!
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How To Create a New Project in OmegaT

5:19:00 AM |
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How To Install OmegaT (Windows)

12:47:00 AM |
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