Can't find the server error (Webdesign Fixed)

3:10:00 PM |
There are many errors that will happen when you design a website then bring it live. The error that I got today is "Can't find the server". 

I just moved website from to Godaddy. I worked fine at the first time. Then that error appears. After struggling to find a solution for this. I found that I redirect from non-www to www website which is the reason why dns nameserver doesn't recognize. 

The solution is very simple. All you need is to add an alias to the non-www. 

It works great now!
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Why and how to segment your Email list (Mailchimp)

11:20:00 AM |
You may don't know that 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email (stats from ExactTarget). In addition, segmenting your email marketing list is also a most important step to reduce the unsubscribe rate and improve the open rate.

Why? It's obvious that you want to send the right thing to the right people. They'll think that you are communicating with them, not someone else. When they think like that, it's more likely that they will open your emails.

When? It's also a tricky question though. I think that when you have enough resource to mange your email marketing campaign, and your list is big enough to do this (>1,000 in my opinion).

What? You may want to segment your customer list based on few conditions that you want for example:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Purchase habit
  • Interest
  • Birthday
  • ...

How? There are many methods to do this; however, it's better if you know what information you need to collect your email marketing list at the beginning. If you don't, there are many ways that help to collect more information of your current email marketing list:

  • Send an email and ask them directly
  • Conduct a survey or contest
  • Integrate with another platform such as, Google Analytic,  social media or eCommerce sites 
  • ...
After you have all information needed, you can start segmenting your email marketing list. I used Mailchimp to manage all the email list. It's easy to do. If you need a demonstration video, please let a comment.

Have a nice day :)
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Table cellpadding not working in Wordpress (solved)

3:29:00 PM |
When you try to modify a table in Wordpress, it doesn't seems working at all. It's because you cannot override the theme configuration by using simple formulas such as cellpadding or cellspacing.

What you need to do is to try to change in very single cell in the table. For example:

<td style="padding: 10px;"></td>

Have fun!
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How to hide featured image in Single Post in Wordpress

11:41:00 AM |
After hide featured image in Wordpress (from
I don't know what happened to the recently Wordpress update, but I really hate the way that my featured image being added to inside the post. So what I do is simply to remove featured image on posts.

Step 1: open your style.css or custom css in your theme

Step 2: insert this miracle line:
.single .featured-image { display: none; }
Have fun!
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How to Get More Views on Youtube

11:05:00 PM |
There is many way that we can get more views on YouTube. The picture below shows my strategy for implementing YouTube into the social media ecosystem.

The more you share, the more views you get. I also applied Facebook Advertise by using YouTube video. In addition, traffic tracking is also an important part in this strategy because you won't know what works and what doesn't.

Some tools that I use for tracking: and Google Analytics.
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How UnMarketing Changed my Mindset about Relationship Marketing

7:41:00 PM |
Although I'm a marketing student, but I used to think that Relationship Marketing is something that really hard to achieve while doing business. However, UnMarketing has blowed my mind not because what Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer wrote in their books. It is because what they did made people like me feel special. Indeed, Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer did make my heart skip a beat. It is an unique experience in my entire life until now.


Here is the story of "The Santa did come to the town".

Before Christmas, I posted a single status telling that all I need is the book Unselling, and I didn't expect that will come true.

A photo posted by Dale Nguyen (@dale.nguyen) on

Nothing happened, and I almost forgot about it until one day. An Instagram user @unmarketing made a comment ask me if I received the Christmas gift yet or not, then told that "Go to the contact form at and send your address. We'll get you a copy".

Because it is no harm, so I did and hope that the miracle will come (still don't believe that gonna happen). 

Until today, Jan 15, 2015. I got a package from Amazon.


I did not remember what I ordered from Amazon, but It has my name on it. so I opened it.

Scott Stratten

OMG, It's Scott Stratten! I don't know that you put the book Business Awesome in the front on purpose or not, but it's really AWESOMEEEEE.

My heart did skip a beat! I wished only one book - the UnSelling. Now got 4 of your books, and it's beyond my imagination. You guys always know how to Surprise and Delight Your Customers. I have to admit that.

It is a wonder late Christmas gift ever. Thank Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer so much. You already got my loyalty!
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