Presenting Remotely from the iPhone or Smart Devices

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I always want to find a way to present a Powerpoint or Prezi from my iPhone without paying anything. Like, how to present Prezi from iPhone for free. 

Option 1: if you only need to present remotely, just use a remote control.

Option 2: don't have remote control, don't worry. You can always turn a wireless mouse to control the presentation from far away. The problem is it will be fine if you control a Powerpoint remotely with a wireless mouse.

However, you can only control a Prezi presentation with a left or right arrow on your keyboard. So, the solution is to add left and right function to your mouse. You can do that by using this special software called X-Mouse Control. By using this app, you can always turn your middle wheel on your mouse to left and right, or left click and right click to left and right arrow - just for short time, so you can control your Prezi remotely. 

Option 3: don't want to use a remote mouse? Fine! Let's use your iPhone or a smart device to a remote control. Kool?

What you need?

- Computer (which will connect to projector) and iPhone with Internet. 
- Teamviewer

Get it? Use your iPhone to control your computer by using Teamviewer! From the moment you connect to the computer with your phone. You can control anything. You can start to present a Powerpoint presentation or a Prezi presentation with your iPhone. However, be careful with the internet connection.  
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How to Backup Gmail Emails

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I write this post because I want to show you how to backup your Gmail emails to your computer. It can also help to transfer all of Gmail emails to another Gmail account.

Step 1: download Gmail Backup program from Google Code

Step 2: Install the Gmail Backup program to your computer and run it

Step 3: fill your email account and password then press backup button

How to Backup Gmail Emails

After that, just wait until it finishes. When you want to restore your emails, fill your account username and password then press restore button.

Trouble shooting: If you receive those alerts such as:  "Error: IMAP: [ALERT] Please log in via your web browser: (Failure)", you should try the following methods:

+ try to login via your web browser then login to your Gmail backup again
+ go to less secure apps and enable this function, so your Gmail backup app can connect to your account

Have fun :)
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How to Remove Hostiger Ads on 000webhost

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If you created a free account at 000webhost, you may get Hostinger pop up Ads when accessing your website. Luckily I searched and figured out how to remove Hostiger Ads on 000webhost. Here is how you do it. 

Step 1: go to this website:

Step 2: type your domain name and password -> Disable Code -> Submit

Congratulation! There will be no pop up ads on your website.

Or just move to Hostgator as Hosting Service with real customer support :)

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Hardcore SEO - Podcamp 2014

10:41:00 AM |

After a brief but fascinating introduction by myself, Rob Campbell, participants will be assigned tasks online that will culminate in this Podcamp Session description page reaching top of page one of Google for the search term 'hardcore seo'. It doesn't matter what's there now; I haven't even looked... Oh yes I'm sure the competition is quite stiff. It doesnt matter - this 2014 Hardcore SEO Session Page will push everything aside like a snow plow as it climbs to the top of the page... all because of what we are going to do together during the session. Be there.
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How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

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In this post I'll show you how to migrate your blog from Blogger to WordPress site. All that you need to do is to follow some simple steps:

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard -> Tools -> Import

Step 2: choose Blogger to import from Blogger

Step 3: Install Blogger importer

Step 4: Active and Run Importer

Step 5: Login to your Blogger account

Step 6: Allow access and start to import

After migrate your blog from Blogger to WordPress, you can edit category so it can appear correctly on your WordPress site.
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How to Back Up and Restore Your WordPress Website

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After having your WordPress installed on your hosting. The first thing you should do is to backup your website. There are many methods that can help you to backup your files and database easily. However, in this post, I'll show you how to use BackupWordPress plugin to backup your WordPress website:

I. How to Backup Your WordPress Website

Step 1: Go to your Plugin tab and search for BackupWordPress plugin then install and active it.

Step 2: Go to Tools -> Backups

Step 3: Schedule your backup

After finishing backup your website, there's an email that will alert you about this. You can download the backup to your computer if you want.

II. How to Restore Your WordPress Website

Step 1: backup your files

The backup site files consist of three folders called wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes plus a number of php files and a .htaccess file. You will need to upload the site files to your site and overwrite the existing files. This can be done via FTP using the file manager provided by your hosting company panel or via an FTP or SFTP client (such as Filezilla for PCs or Transmit for Mac). Make sure you choose to replace the existing files with the new ones. If you are restoring your site after a hack or virus attack it is better to delete all the site files prior to uploading the new files in case additional files have been added.

Step 2: backup your database. This should automatically overwrite the old tables. There are a number of different ways that this can be done:

  • Using a tool such as phpMyAdmin. This and similar tools are usually available via your hosting company panel.
  • Using a desktop tool.
  • MySQL commands via the command line prompt.
  • For more information see WordPress codex article on restoring your database from backup.
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How to Install SugarCRM Community Edition (GoDaddy)

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It is really struggling to install SugarCRM Community Edition on GoDaddy hosting. It finally works after the third time trying. However, after that I got the problem with Email setting "Inbound Email cannot function without the IMAP c-client libraries enabled/compiled". The only thing they tell me is to give up SugarCRM or change your hosting service. But wait! I'll show you the solution for this problem. 

I. How To Install SugarCRM Community Edition (GoDaddy)

Step 1: Download SugarCRM to your computer. If you use another hosting service, you can install directly from the application management. 

Step 2: Unzip and upload to your host using FTP client such as FileZilla (E.g. http://yourhosting/sugarcrm)

Step 3: Change the permission to 755. The files and directories that must be writable by your web server are:

  • config.php
  • config_override.php - does not exist by default but is created when modifying System Settings
  • sugarcrm.log
  • cache/ and all subdirectories and files
  • custom/ and all subdirectories and files
  • data/ and all subdirectories and files
  • modules/ and all subdirectories and files

Step 4: Go to your Cpanel and create a MySQL account.

Step 5: Start to install SugarCRM by entering: http://yourhosting/sugarcrm and follow the instruciton.

II. Troubleshooting (GoDaddy)

1. If you can't see any image or get structure errors, reupload the error file and check the permission. (Eg. ..\sugarcrm\include\MVC\View\SugarView.php)

2. The most popular error is the IMAP c-client libraries. In order to solve this problem, you have to edit the config_override.php file by adding this line "$sugar_config['allow_pop_inbound'] = true;", so you can use the POP3 instead of IMAP.

BonusHow to Set Up a Simple Email Campaign - SugarCRM

Have fun!
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How to Rip a DVD Using VLC Media Player

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This is how you gonna Rip a DVD Using VLC Media Player. It's very simple. What you need is to follow some simple steps:

Step 1: Open your VLC player and choose Conver/Save...

Step 2: You can rip file or disc by choosing the appropriate Tile & Chapter that you want to rip

Step 3: Name the destination file and have fun!

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Fixing Mod_rewrite and .htaccess on GoDaddy Hosting

7:22:00 AM |
For those who are struggling with Mod_rewrite on GoDaddy hosting. There are many problems with this one. I want to use url redirect function by editing the .htaccess file. It works only the first time, however after that the .htaccess file changes back to the original without any changes. 

After searching and digging with Mod_rewrite and .htaccess file. I finally come to a solution:

I added the following line:

Options +FollowSymlinks -Multiviews

And the redirect line.

Notes: If there's no change with url redirect. You can edit the permission of the .htaccess file Read and Execute only.

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