Share Internet Connection with Others

11:25:00 PM |
With the new technologies in modern day, sharing internet connection from one computer or device (cellphone) is very fast and flexible. For example, Iphone, Android or 3G USB can share their network to others easily. In this post, I do not mention about Cellphone devices, I will discuss about Computer sharing network.
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Install Java Plugin on CentOS for Firefox

10:06:00 PM |

Some applications on Firefox require Java for working. However, you can not install regularly on CentOS. I will show you how to install Java Plugin on CentOS  for Firefox.

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How to Type Vietnamese on CentOS

9:51:00 PM |
There are many solutions that help typing Vietnamese on Linux (RedHat/Fedora/CentOS). One of those is SCIM. It is very simple to install Scim package. 

Follow these steps to install scim:

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Google Translate Widget for Blogger

9:36:00 PM |
Google Translate is Google free translation service which supports more than 57 different languages. By using Google Translate Gadget for your blog, you shared your idea, work and soul to the whole world.

Here is how you do it:

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Loadbalanced High-Availability Apache Cluster

6:54:00 AM |
Building a High Availability system is a vital task for most entrepreneurs nowadays. If your system is not stable enough for business or management, you will loose lots of potential customers - blood of business.

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How to Update PlayOnLinux on Linux (Ubuntu 10.4)

6:12:00 AM |
Here are some simple steps to update PlayOnLinux.

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How to Clone Virtual Machines on VirtualBox

5:29:00 AM |
If you want to use more than two virtual machines with the same configuration on VirtualBox, just install one by one. However, this costs lots of time. Instead, I found out how to make a shortcut.

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How to Build File Server on Linux (Ubuntu 10.4)

5:01:00 AM |
It's very simple to build a File Server on Linux for either Windows or Linux. All you need to do is install necessary package. In this post I will show you how to build a File Server on Linux using Samba.

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How to Send a Mass Email to All Users in Joomla

1:09:00 AM |
Sometimes you want to send a message via email to all of your users. Sometimes you want to send that message only to a group of users or only to those having access to the back-end. Sending emails is always a bit delicate. Nobody wants to be a SPAMMER and nobody wants to receive SPAM, so be careful!

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