Better Presentation with Mobile Apps

1:47:00 PM |
I have a suggestion from my friend that why don`t we use remote control to make our presentation better? Actually, it's a very very old method to use. Many people use it when they are in class, company or anywhere, and I'm just an old-fashion follower. In general, people used a remote control that was especially designed for (of course) remote control. However, now they don't need to bring that device together with their stuffs because of the raise of smartphone these days. It's the time for utilizing it.  

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How To Delete Image Files in Media Manager in Joomla! 2.5

10:42:00 PM |
I found that deleting just a few files in Media Manager is very easy; however, it is very struggling to remove a numerous of files because people have to click on every single file. It's a waste of time if keep doing in that way. I think FileZilla may help to solve this problem by managing files through FTP protocol. All that people need to do is to establish a FTP connection to the website hosting. After that, all files in the website can be managed easily and seamlessly. 

Have fun!
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