How to Change Default Dictionary on Kindle Fire HD

8:22:00 PM |
I read that Kindle Fire HD has its own Oxford dictionary, however; I mistakenly deleted that file in the first place when I brought my toy back home. Therefore, I never have a chance to use that function on my device. Recently, I discover a method to use a different dictionary for reading book. I had a English-Vietnamese dictionary to use, so it means that you can use any dictionary you want in your Kindle Fire besides Oxford dictionary. 

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How To Root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

12:07:00 AM |
Before You Proceed

Please note that rooting your device will void warranty of your device. 

Make sure that you have USB drivers for your device installed on your PC. 

Enable USB Debugging mode. Go to Options > Applications > Development > USB Debugging. Also, go to “Settings -> Security” and enable the “Unknown sources” option. 

Backup all your personal information on your device. 

Charge your device battery with at least 50% of power. 

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How to Set Up a Simple Email Campaign - SugarCRM

11:27:00 AM |

Setting up your SugarCRM system to correctly use email marketing and lead management takes quite a few steps. It can be frustrating at times, but the end result is well worth the pain.

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How to Install PHP - IMAP (XAMPP)

9:27:00 AM |
When creating a marketing campaign in SugarCRM, I got a problem with IMAP - PHP on my web server: "Inbound Email cannot function without the IMAP c-client libraries enabled/compiled". All that I need to do is to open php.ini file and enable IMAP.

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How to Change the ‘Root’ Password for MySQL in XAMPP

10:23:00 PM |
After setting your XAMPP on your machine, you may want to set your MySQL password for security. Let's type http://localhost/security on your machine.

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Resources Management Solution for Small to Medium Business (Rapla Open Source)

1:46:00 PM |
If you want to look for a solution to manage your resources such as meeting schedule, people, room, computer, projector and etc, you found the right one. The solution uses Rapla, a open source software, to manage and schedule resources. Administrator can use it as a local solution or online solution; however, the web hosting or VPS has to work as a Java web server. It's simpler when using this software locally. 

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