How to Backup Gmail Emails

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I write this post because I want to show you how to backup your Gmail emails to your computer. It can also help to transfer all of Gmail emails to another Gmail account.

Step 1: download Gmail Backup program from Google Code

Step 2: Install the Gmail Backup program to your computer and run it

Step 3: fill your email account and password then press backup button

How to Backup Gmail Emails

After that, just wait until it finishes. When you want to restore your emails, fill your account username and password then press restore button.

Trouble shooting: If you receive those alerts such as:  "Error: IMAP: [ALERT] Please log in via your web browser: (Failure)", you should try the following methods:

+ try to login via your web browser then login to your Gmail backup again
+ go to less secure apps and enable this function, so your Gmail backup app can connect to your account

Have fun :)
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