How to Install Magento on Localhost XAMPP (Windows)

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This is a request from my Q&A. I thought that install Magento together with XAMPP on PC will cost a ton of time and effort, but it goes the opposite. It's very easy to install both of them. I installed XAMPP 1.8.2 and Magento on Windows XP. Actually, with the help of Bitnami, the process of installation becomes so easy than ever. Besides Magento Module, you can install Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle or Cloud on your XAMPP machine.

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Help Desk Request Form with Images (JotForm + Dropbox)

10:32:00 AM |
It`s very easy and convenient when using  Google Form to create an IT Request Form. However, the only problem is the client cannot upload and files through Google Form. It's time to find an alternative solution. Although, there are many good services that provide with charges, they are not my type. After searching and digging, I finally found one that possibly works. It's the combination between JotFrom and Dropbox, so files will be stored in Dropbox account. This one can be used in many cases such as: volunteer form, job application form, survey form and even purchasing with Paypal.

Limits: 100 submissions / month
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