Paypal Scam (Nigerian, Kijiji)

10:22:00 AM |
I'm selling my Nikon Lenses on Kijiji, then I got scammed by a Nigerian through Paypal account. Luckily, I didn't send him my product yet. Below is what he sent me using fake Paypal account:

You received a payment of $400.00 CAD from Douglas wayde( for using PayPal. You can now send any items.
It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list in your Account Overview.
Seller Protection - Eligible

Douglas wayde    
Note to seller
You have to provide to us the shipment tracking number so that your funds can reflect in your account as soon as possible.

Shipping addressConfirmed
Name Ricardo Douglas
Address 11 Adetayo Street,Itire Ijesha,Surulere.
City Lagos
Zip code 23401
Country Nigeria
Shipping details

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